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Your bag can be small as well. No worries! Some things are common to put in, any sort of a bag. Never fear to lose anything at home. Because this checklist will go a long way with you. This “what’s in my bag” checklist will not only help you keep a note of must have’s but will also help you with must haven’ts too!

So, Guys , Let us get Started! 🙂

What's in my bag by Campusvibes

1. Always carry a water bottle

The first an the foremost checklist item in the “What’s in my bag- College Edition” checklist is a health tip. Always keep your water bottles filled, you never know when you may feel its importance. Water keeps you hydrated and increases Body’s metabolism. Do drink water at regular intervals if you want to remain fit and hydrated. Water consumption in a good quantity will improve the texture & elasticity of the skin. Water also helps during headaches (you may Google more of its advantages 🤠).

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

2. A sanitizer – with a good odor

Your hands serve you the most the whole day. If you haven’t made this germ-fighter a staple on your shopping list, you must do it right away. Hand sanitizers not only clean up your hands but also improves the texture of the skin on your hands. You’ll surely feel the difference in how moisturized your palm feels. So make your this “what’s in my bag” ingredient is not missed from your bag either!

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

3. A lip balm or lipstick for ladies

Weather these days is quite adverse, especially in Delhi NCR, therefore a lip balm is the only solution to this scorching heat. A lip balm is a must-have thing to hydrate your lips on a sunny day. Applying lip balm daily will keep them moisturized and will hence protect them from the sun.

Similarly, for ladies, except a lip balm, a well to go lipstick should be there in your bags. it acts as a mood enhancer for girls 💁

Importance of application of gloss:

  • Firstly it keeps your lips moisturized.
  • Secondly, it makes you look more attractive :* 

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

4. A bb/cc cream or A sunscreen as well

Unlike a BB cream, a CC cream provides a little more coverage to your disguise dark spots or redness. CC creams are more worthy as the name suggests ‘complexion correcting’creams! For the gentlemen out there, never forget to carry a suncream or a lotion of yours.

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

5. Sanitary Napkins – A girly thing

Everybody knows the importance of carrying a sanitary napkin in your bag.

Healthy You, Healthy Environment!

Opt for the pads that are not only safe for your body but also for the environment. Yes, you heard it correct, biodegradable ones. We lack time in a hurry, so always remember to keep at least 1 always in your bag, no matter what! 

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

6. Wallet! Not to forget a classy and a prettier one

A handy wallet is a must to have thing to make you look stylish and elegant. You can’t always put hands in the pockets to pull out cards or money. Obviously not! So, always remember to keep a wallet in YOUR BAGS.

A wallet is a key embellishment for MEN , as they convey greater part of their embellishments. So keep it Prettier & Classy! Again one of the most important integral of “What’s in my Bag -Checklist”.

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

7. Earplugs & Charger. Your lifelines! Phew…

In the era of Netflix, you never know when do you require your headphones & a charger as well. Always take care of your essentials, as damage to these is much worse than heartbreak. And because you are following my blog, I just don’t want you guys to miss out these especially.

In your free periods, Relax & Netflix!

what's in my bag by Campusvibes

8. Handkerchief and Couple of Saftey Pins

Mark my Words, Men must always keep a tidy white handkerchief in their pockets whenever they go out. Women must also carry one so as to maintain proper hygiene.  

Or you may also go for WET WIPES.

Also, it’s necessary to keep a few safety pins in your bags always. You never know when the need for it arises.


I am sure this “what’s in my bag-college edition” will not just help you carry a lighter bag, but a bag with all the utilities handy. We often get confused as to what should we carry and what should we not. This blog will help you plan your bag in a much-organized manner. 

In my last blog, I tried covering as many dressing tips as I could. I hope the knowledge and expertise that I bring in table helps you!

Do share your feedback in the comment section below! I would love to hear from you!

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